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In order to fully represent workforce stakeholders, the WFA convenes a Leadership Council to communicate its workforce priorities and progress, align and coordinate efforts toward common goals, and continuously improve strategies. 

The Leadership Council meets quarterly and members may be asked to participate in occasional special meetings or task-focused workgroups. Members are invited to join the Leadership Council for a two year, renewable term.


Leadership Council members are invited to:

1.    Advise the WFA Board of Directors on strategic direction, economic and community development issues and employer needs.

2.    Help align the WFA’s work with the NFWS model of collaboration in support of industry partnerships; capacity building and workforce systems change.

3.    Assist with brokering relationships and access to resources.

4.    Provide guidance and expertise to continuously improve outcomes and impact of the WFA’s investments.

5.    Participate in learning activities concerning local and national workforce initiatives and investment opportunities.

6.    Advocate for the WFA and workforce systems change with constituents and external audiences.